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Greenwalls - our options

(DIY) Greenwalls

Natural solution

The (DIY) Greenwall is a basic wall system for fast or big Greenwalls. The plug & play system allows for a perfect Greenwall with 100% covering of greens from the first day onwards. You can install this system yourself, or ask our experts for a day support.

Optional lightning or irrigation, Awair

  • Plug & Play - Easy (DIY) install
  • Optional lightning or irrigation
  • Optional IAQ monitor Element
  • Direct-To-Wall system
  • 100% covering from day 1
  • Available in the shop
  • All-in-one square m2
  • Soil and hydroculture system
  • Low cost, low maintenance

Smart Greenwalls

Natural + Tech solution

The Smart Greenwalls combine our basic Greenwall with the Awair Omni monitor to get insights of your Indoor Air Quality and to help activate supporting air circulation systems behind the plant wall. Irrigation & lightning are optional.

Works with Omni & Element Awair

  • Installition by Groenwand team
  • Optional lightning or irrigation
  • IAQ monitor Omni or Element
  • Distance of 40cm from wall
  • 85% covering from day 1
  • 2 standard sizes in the webshop
  • Works with free Awair app
  • Soil and hydroculture system
  • Low maintenance 

Biofilter Greenwalls

Natural + IoT solution

The Biofilter system combines all our technology and products: oxygen plants, a biofilter rooting system, smart ventilation and the Awair Omni monitor to activate plantgroups and the technical devices: irrigation and ventilation. Lightning system is optional.

  • Installition by Groenwand team
  • Optional lightning
  • Omni monitor - yearly license
  • Distance of 45cm from wall
  • 75% covering from day 1
  • With professional 10" display
  • Works with build-in irrigation
  • Biofilter rooting felt system - soil
  • Low maintenance

Let us assist you in your research for the best Greenwall system for your home, school or company. Every Indoor Air situation is different and requires a different sollution, plant combination, wall size, location or monitor. Our experts can do a climate or airscan and make free visuals.



“The installation of my greenwall was very smooth, within 2 hours of work my 3m2 system was installed and planted. I water every 2 weeks and had to change 2 plants this year”

Armand Onkelinx

- Private costumer


“The greenwall at our AirBNB is a great solution for our indoor air and a perfect way to bring nature inside without the need for maintenance or watering, and without losing space”

Katinka Vrijens

- AirBNB owner, Antwerp


“With the Awair Omni monitors and lobby display we visualise the air in our workspaces, the reception area and the dining space. The clean air by the greenwalls is made visible”

E. Veuskens

- Boortmalt, Antwerp